Change of perspective?

July 19, 2020

West coast summer green forest Vancouver Island

Have you ever had a change of perspective?  One that made you wonder and gave you hope?  I was talking about choice and decisions in my last post.  My modus operandi being "take charge" to follow my path, and also allowing whims to take centre stage in my choices.  

Vancouver Island west coast forest and bronze handmade bangle

This week, I had a different experience.  Instead of looking for a way to muscle my way through, because I *think* I have to, I have taken a bit of step backwards to consider where I AM. 

Bronze bangle portal to smiling face

To consider how being where I am works in my favour, instead of against me.  Instead of struggling to the "next" thing because I am "supposed" to want it, do it, be it (who the heck decided that anyway!?!), I am settling in to the flow.  

So much easier than trying to swim upstream.  

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