Seven Seas Collection is now live!

July 08, 2022

Ocean coloured bronze jewelry pieces tumbling from a seashell.


My new Seven Seas Collection is now live on my website.  I have started the collection with bronze only pieces, along with two oceany colours:  Mediterranean and Seafoam.


Necklace pieces in bronze with blue and turquoise colours


Mediterranean is a deep blue colour and Seafoam is a sparkly turquoise.  There are earrings and necklaces. And two series of one of a kind pieces- Ocean Droplets and Ocean Pools.  The shape is the same for each piece in the series, but the colours are applied individually, and will be different each time.  


Ocean inspired earrings in blue and green colours


So go ahead and have a look!  

Ultimately, there will be 7 colours...And you can stay tuned into the next release by grabbing a spot as insider.  Just sign up with your email below.  

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