Earrings are a fun summer accessory

July 16, 2022

Ocean coloured handmade bronze earrings with clamshell

And do I have earrings for you in my new Seven Seas collection!

There are Mini Droplet earrings for every day use.  

Seaglass, shells and bronze handmade earrings


Or there are these Droplet earrings; a bit larger than the Mini, they are perfect for casual summery days.


Artisan made earrings with seaglass and sea shells


Or you could choose the sassy Coral Hoop earrings - right now in bronze or Mediterranean.  Coral Hoop is sassy - perfect for a beach barbeque!


Hoop earrings with shells and seaglass

Each earring comes in bronze alone or bronze with an oceany colour added - Seafoam or Mediterranean.  You choose for your mood!

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