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Copper and enamel jewelry

A handful of enamelled copper pieces.   Just waiting for their final touches - either to be put on their necklace or on their earwire. Then they will be ready for photographs.   The finished products will be listed in my store in a few weeks time for my first launch.   Want to be the first to buy?  Sign up to my list and become an Insider.  

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Versatile copper enamel pendant

I am loving how the light changes the colour of this copper and enamel pendant.  Here it looks blue. And then see the blue green. And then with some beach treasures from Prince Edward Island, green, like the sea glass.   Which makes some sense, since enamel is glass fused to metal.  It is one of my favourite ways to add colour to metal.  Want to know when my enamelled jewelry collection pieces are released?  Join other Insiders and be first to know. 

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