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Hello and welcome!

My name is Leona and I am the “Leonajeanne” around here.

Sometimes I feel like I am on that old game show where the host says “will the real Leona please stand up”, because I have transformed through many phases of life.

My jewellery journey really began because of my grandfather. “Buppo”, as we called him, was a rock hound: hunting for, collecting and polishing up all sorts of treasures. When I was little, he made me a bracelet of rocks and agates collected from our lake beach.

Although I taught myself how to string beads when I was in University, I set this passion aside while I chased my career in public service. It wasn't until many locations and years later that I wanted to reconnect with my grandfather's spirit by attending a local rockhound show. There, I discovered this magical substance called “metal clay”. When I saw this clay-like lump turn into shiny silver, I was immediately hooked.

That was in 2007. I lept with both feet into my jewellery making, leaving my career behind. I took courses and achieved certifications, developing my skill level. I sold at local artisanal shows and markets.

And then I learned some tough and crushing financial lessons. So at age 50, I was broke, unemployed and alone. This forced me to step back from my creative adventure and get practical about how to pay the bills. I got “real” jobs to support me financially. I looked to the strong women in my family: they never stopped following their own paths and I drew inspiration from their stories.

My confidence started to return. And I began to create again. I have always found solace in nature and during this trying time, I began to feel pulled back to the beach and the ocean. Walking and exploring on the shore is so meditative and calming for me; I can spend hours there. The ocean, her creatures and the beaches began to inspire my work. Leonajeanne Designs is the result of this pulling back and rising up of my creativity; just like a wave.


I am compelled to create for your unique expression. My sculptural bronze and steel pieces are uniquely bold, yet organic and natural: Elegantly Audacious.


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