Bronze {earrings} to choose

July 14, 2020

bronze hand carved sculptural beads

Choice is an interesting thing.  How do you know when you make "the right" choice?  For earrings or clothing, you can try it on (or see it on someone) and decide it is exactly right for you.  

Different size handmade bronze bead earrings

But what do you consider when you make those life altering large choices?  Do you go with the flow?  Or do you take charge and make steps towards your goals?  Or does it really depend on the scenario how you exercise your choice?  

choose the right size earring in bronze

Generally, I have thought of myself as a "take charge" type person when it comes to the big decisions.  But I have also been known to follow a whim (like that time I came home with a puppy...).  What's your modus operandi when it comes to decisions?

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