3 ocean inspired necklaces that bring the beach to you

December 14, 2020

Three ocean inspired art jewelry necklaces for the holiday season

Do you have the sound of Jingle Shells ringing in your head?  Or perhaps it's a bit of reggae or luau music, because last holiday season, you vowed you would get away this year to some hot, beachy spot.  


Coral inspired necklace for when you are dreaming of the beach

Yes, the world had other plans for your holiday season. So why not bring the beach to you with one of these necklaces?  


Jingle bells and shells with statement necklace

All you need to do is slip one around your neck, ask you smart speaker to play some luau music and grab an umbrella drink. 


Barnacle seashell necklace to remind you of the beach this holiday season

Feel better now?!  I thought you would.  


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