Why these three pairs of earrings are my "go to" favourites

March 16, 2021

Favourite everyday handmade bronze earrings

Last week, I talked about pairing my "go to" earrings with some unique necklaces.  

But I didn't talk about why these are my favourite earrings. 

Bronze hand made curl earrings with seashells and glass

First, I love the Ocean Curl earrings for some understated elegance. 

Fun bronze everyday earrings with seaglass and sand dollars

And the Captiva are my flirty fun earrings; they have so much movement dangling at the end of the chain. 

Favourite everyday bronze earrings shells and green sea glass

But I probably wear my Minoan earrings the most!  They are truly an everyday, go-with-anything, piece of jewelry. 

Which ones are your favourite?

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