Inspired by a Rockhound in the family

August 26, 2019

Inspired by a Rockhound in the family

Jewelry stones

A large dollop of my creativity and my love for jewelry comes from my maternal grandfather.  Buppo (my cousin's version of grandpa that stuck) was the only grandparent I knew.  

Among other things, my grandfather was a rockhound in his later years, searching and finding treasure among the rocks and pebbles.  I remember the loud chunk chunk sound of his tumbler in his basement and the stories of the polished treasures he would show me - agates and tiger eye; jasper and jade; even possible arrow heads!  

Agate, jade, jasper, tiger eye

There might not be a Leonajeanne Designs had I not gone to a rock and gem show to see if I could reconnect to the spirit of my grandfather.  That show ignited a curiosity and drive in me that has continued to propel me forward with designing and creating jewelry.  

Bracelet stones by grandpa

One of the life lessons my grandfather taught me is that jewelry has a story - and jewelry is part of your story.  These stones were found, polished and set by my grandfather for me when I was young - perhaps 6 or 7 years old.  Each stone is from our family's lake property and carries it's own history and memories for me. 

The story of my jewelry is about rising up and claiming your strength and your beauty that is all mixed together in your special recipe.  Elegant and Audacious.

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