The jewelry you will wear to the places you will go

January 29, 2020

The jewelry you will wear to the places you will go

Creative sculpture in Berkeley

On my recent trip to California to take a workshop from my mentor, I booked an extra day to look around Berkeley.  It just so happened that was the day it poured - not showered, not rained, it poured!  Like some one was pouring a bucket of water over us.  

Things you can do with plastic trash

I did venture out a bit, first to the Berkeley Art Museum and Film Archive.  Then for a walk once the sun came out in late afternoon to see this fascinating yard full of sculpture

Artist of yard sculpture in Berkeley

The artist makes all of his creations with trash that has washed up on the beach.  He has also influenced the neighbourhood as I saw sculpture sprouting up along the block.  

Bronze jewelry for traveling

The next day was travel home day.  I had some flight delays.  Above is me early on in the day, perky in my Minoan earrings and Pico Azores necklace.  

Clearly not impressed with travel delays

And then here I am after landing back in Canada, only to find out that I had a further delay.  The jewelry held up just fine!  (Me, not so much).

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