She sells sea shells and {bronze} bracelets

April 10, 2020

She sells sea shells and {bronze} bracelets

Coral reef bronze beads with clam shell

Ok, so I am not actually selling these shells.  But I am letting you peek at some of the fruits of my beach combing.  You have seen these shells playing supporting roles in my jewelry shots.  

Barnacled shell with hand carved bronze bead bracelet

I like this one because of the texture of the barnacles.   Kinda looks like my coral reef beads, hey?!

Ocean inspired bronze bead jewelry and moon snail shell

This is a small moon snail.  Look at that Fibonacci's spiral in the centre.  Plus, I love the colour of the spiral, purply blue green (you could say oceany).  

Sea shell from beach combing and artisan made bracelet

And this beauty is not from around here.  It is a whelk shell from the gulf of Mexico.  

 Spiral sea shell and coral reef bronze beads

Isn't it pretty??

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