Pairings: double drop necklace with {bronze} earrings

May 03, 2020

Pairings:  double drop necklace with {bronze} earrings

 Bronze art bead jewelry with seashells

The Cayo Coco Necklace is versatile, and like all my coral reef bead jewelry, it can be paired with various earrings.  Like these double drop ones, called Catalina that were also released last week.  

Sculptural bronze bold jewelry

Or Captiva, my new single drop mini bead earring.

Seashells with artisan hand carved bronze earring and necklace

Or even my Minoan earrings.  

All of these are part of my Isles Collection of hand carved coral reef bead creations.  If you want to know when I release new pieces, sign up to my email list below.

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