Oh Canada

July 01, 2020

Bronze artisan beads Canadian seashells

Canada Day has me thinking about, well, Canada. {Funny how that works} Canada is bound on 3 sides by the sea. Only 2 of our provinces do not touch ocean at all.    

Canadian pacific ocean seashells bronze beads and jewelry


I have lived only in BC and have visited several provinces.  But it's the islands that draw me.  I live now on Vancouver Island in a place where I can see the ocean everyday.  It is the place I have lived the longest.  

Seashells from PEI to celebrate Canada Day

Prince Edward Island, on the opposite coast, is in some ways a world away.  It is, however, where my grandmother's family is from and I have a connection with the place.  I visited there in 2004, saw where my grandmother grew up and dipped my toes in the Atlantic Ocean.  

Thus, on Canada Day, I realize my connection to the country of my birth and reflect on how that has seeped into my being. 


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