Neptune's Garden and bronze shell earrings

July 28, 2019

Neptune's Garden and bronze shell earrings

As you are probably starting to notice, I like shells (and the ocean...oh and beaches).  So when I saw this book, Neptune's Garden, at our local book sale a couple of years ago, I had to have it.  

Neptunes Garden seashell drawings with bronze shell earrings

The author illustrates her own shell collection - and the beautiful drawings make the book, in my opinion. 

Shells have such a graceful shape and appear to be so fragile.  And yet, they are strong, durable houses for their animal dwellers.  

Bronze sculptural seashell earrings hand drawn shell

My bronze shell earrings elegantly mimic the shell shape.

Sculptural bronze handmade seashell earrings

Why not venture out of your shell and become an elegantly audacious insider?  Insiders are first to know when new shells will be released in my shop.  


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