Meet the bronze {bead} dangles!

April 29, 2020

Meet the bronze {bead} dangles!

Shells and bronze bead jewelry

I have been calling this design "dangles", because the chain dangles from the bottom of the bead.  

Double bead earrings and necklace

My beads and designs are versatile; very easy to mix and match, depending on your mood.  

Shells and bronze hand carved bead jewelry

The "dangles" family has both a necklace and an earring that are one bead with a chain dangling.

Pairing bronze hand made earrings and necklace

Or one bead dangling below another bead.  

Single bronze bead with gold chain as earring and necklace

You can find all of the dangles (with their real names) in my shop with the other pieces of my latest release.  

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