Keep the seaside close with this necklace

January 13, 2021

Handmade statement necklace

Winter is the time when thoughts of vacationing somewhere sunny and warm start to invade the consciousness.  Of course, this winter, vacationing is going to look a lot like staycationing.  What that means is that we must vacation is our minds....

One of a kind artisan made seashell necklace

Are you ready?  Ok, get your heat lamp, mix yourself an umbrella cocktail and throw on the Beach Boys "Kokomo" {Aruba, Jamaica....}.  Deep breath in and listen - hear the waves?  Good!

Seashell with barnacles necklace

Now I have the perfect necklace to remind you of your little beach break.  Barnacle I is just waiting to keep your memories of the seaside close.  You can shop Barnacle 1 here.  

If you want other ocean inspired mementos, I will be releasing new pieces on January 28th - Insiders ALWAYS shop first, so type your email in the space below to sign up on my list.  

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