International Women's Day

March 08, 2020

International Women's Day

Today, the radio station I listen to has been playing women in rock - in some ways a hit parade of my adolescence.  It got me thinking about influential women.  

Commemoration of the landmark Persons case in Ottawa

In 2006, I rode my bike from Toronto to Ottawa with four other women.  In Ottawa, we saw the commemoration of the "Famous Five".  These are the suffragists who challenged the British North America Act in the Supreme Court to include women as "Persons", thus allowing women to be appointed to the Senate.  

Persons Case Canada 1929

This landmark judgement occurred in 1929 - NOT EVEN 100 years ago!  Sadly, I don't remember learning about Canadian women's history in school; hopefully young women these days learn about the strong women who blazed trails in history.  

So, on International Women's Day, celebrate the women in your life.  And celebrate those who forged paths for us to follow.  

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