Ice packs and bronze cuffs

August 31, 2019

Ice packs and bronze cuffs

Bronze artisan made cuff with icepack and sunglasses

Why am I reaching for an ice pack? 

Wasp sting on bike ride

See that red patch at the end of my left eyebrow?  That, my friend, is a wasp sting!

Icepack to wasp sting

Ahh....that will take the swelling and redness down.  

I was cycling along, minding my own business, when this wasp flies right at me and then gets caught under the edge of my sunglasses.  I got rid of it only by flinging off my sunglasses. They survived.  We will see about my eyebrow.  

PS:  The bronze cuff is also a prototype for an upcoming collection release.  The design needs a few tweaks, and then it will be ready to go!  Sign up below to be the first to know.