I want to ride my bicycle...

August 12, 2020

Bronze artisan made beads

Or more accurately, I want to go on a touring bike trip.  My friends and I have completed a number of trips over the last 15 or so years.  

Bronze art beads and blue bicycle

We have ridden along the Great Lakes in Ontario and Quebec and here on the west coast, down into Washington State and around the US San Juan Islands and the Canadian Gulf Islands.  Not quite laughing all the way, but laughing every day for sure! 

Art card and bronze beads

But of course this year, no such trip will happen.  Since I miss my cycling peeps,  while I was on staycation, I sent off some cards made by my friend Deb.  And I am dreaming about next year...

PS:  No travel means channelling my energy into my art - I am working on new designs.  If you want to be first to shop these new one of a kind and limited edition pieces, then you had better sign up to my email list!

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