How to choose earrings to wear with one of a kind necklaces

March 03, 2021

Three pairs of bronze handmade earrings with seashells

You have purchased a fantastic new art jewelry necklace.  You love it.  Now what earrings do you pair with it?  

Artisan made bronze necklace paired with artisan made earrings

Go to the designer you purchased your new treasure from.  Do they have earrings you can choose from?  Look for something that is versatile enough to go with other pieces of jewelry or to wear on their own.  

How to wear art jewelry

For example, I would pair the Minoan earrings with this Coral Frag necklace.  Both are inspired by coral and are handmade in a similar fashion, so have the same style to them. 

Now, wear them whenever you feel like jazzing up your day!  

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