How to choose a top to wear with a classic art {jewelry} necklace

June 04, 2020

How to choose a top to wear with a classic art {jewelry} necklace

My Ballenas necklace is in the classic style and I wanted to show it with various tops.  First, a V-neck in a shade of grey.  I like this necklace against the skin.  The colour of the top doesn't necessarily highlight the bronze, but it also doesn't detract from it.  

Blue shirt bronze necklace tshirt neck

Next up is the royal blue t-shirt like top.  Now I love the bronze against this colour of shirt.  BUT the neckline is a bit too casual for this classic style of necklace.  

Classic bronze necklace styled on round neck shirt

Lastly, we have the round neck shirt.  I like this combination of neckline and colour the best for the Ballenas.  The bronze stands out against the fabric and the necklace hangs nicely.  The best way to figure this all out is to try and see.  You will know when it feels right.  

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