How a necklace can take you away from here...

February 02, 2021

Seashells and seaglass with unique handmade necklace

Most of the jewelry I purchase has a special meaning for me. What that means, is every time I wear that necklace or set of earrings, I am reminded of the place I was when I bought it, or the experience I was having.

Picking up a coral inspired artisan made necklace

My ocean inspired necklaces can whisk you away to your favourite beach combing beach.  Or perhaps they make you think of mermaid's tears and pirate stories.  

Bronze art jewelry necklace in woman's hand

Or this necklace, my Coral Life Ring, could have you wondering about how all the coral reefs of the world are doing and inspire you plan your next underwater adventure - whether that be scuba diving, or a visit to your local aquarium!  

Weren't you just running off in your imagination?  What a great little adventure!  

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