Hand help and {bronze} bracelets

April 06, 2020

Hand help and {bronze} bracelets

Bronze hand carved bracelet and Nezza Naturals lotion

I got my order from Nezza Naturals today.  With the multiple hand washings (and dryings) and sometimes not being able to wash, I decided I needed a bit of a kit for work.

Hand sanitizer locally made with bronze sculptural bead bracelet

The hand sanitizer was a collaboration between Nezza and and Victoria Distillers.  They have been donating 20% of the sanitizer to local essential service workers.  

I already loved Nezza Naturals, but this collaboration in the face of a pandemic is fantastic! 

Have you found local businesses that have made a difference like this?  

PS:  The bracelet will be part of my upcoming release.  If you want "in" first, please sign up with your email below.