Elegantly Audacious Pendants

August 11, 2019

Elegantly Audacious Pendants

 Pendants bronze, steel, copper, enamel

As I age, I become more of myself.  When we are young and starting out in life, we are full of hope, grand ideas and are somewhat gangly, like a colt running for the first time.  

 Copper handmade enamel pendant

Life has knocked me down more than I care to admit.  And yet, each time I grow stronger from the experience, digging deep into my own treasure chest of hope and skill and finding my way back to the surface again.    

Artisan made ocean inspired pendants 

And now, I know I can choose my path:

* I choose elegance - beauty that is graceful in it's simplicity.

* I choose to be bold, spirited, daring - audacious.

My jewelry represents those who choose strength and beauty - those who are Elegantly Audacious.

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