Driftwood, {necklaces} and Poohsticks

December 01, 2020

Ocean blues, sea glass, shells and driftwood

Poohsticks, a game invented by Winnie-the-Pooh (my favourite childhood story), is about racing sticks {driftwood} under a bridge by dropping them into the current, then rushing to the other side to see who's stick comes out first.    

Blue fingernail and driftwood inspired stick necklace on long chain

I was thinking how my driftwood inspired necklace would fare in a game like that....

It would probably sink; not such a good racing feature!  

Driftwood seaglass shells with bronze and steel long necklace

On the other hand, it really wins as a long, dangly necklace to dress up your day.  

Go and check it out.

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