Colour Explosion!

April 18, 2022

Seafoam green and Mediterranean blue

Meet Seafoam and Mediterranean!

Seafoam is a turquoise with flecks of metal that sparkle like when the sun catches the surface of the water when you are relaxing on a tropical sandy beach somewhere.   

Mediterranean is the rich blue most seen in (you guessed it) Mediterranean countries, like the blue dome of churches in Greece or the blue in the ceramic tiles I fell in love with in Spain and Portugal.   


Ocean colours testing of powder coating


I have been experimenting with colours, trying to create oceany ones for my upcoming Seven Seas collection. Powder coating is a durable surface that provides lasting colour on pieces.  


Ocean blues and sea greens in colour grid


The top and the right side disks are the colours that are combined in the 6 middle pieces. While some of the others will make an appearance in the collection later, I have chosen Seafoam and Mediterranean as the starting colours. 

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