Caring for your bronze jewellery

April 18, 2021

Hand made bronze jewelry pieces and polishing cloth

For most of my bronze only jewellery pieces, I intend for them to age gracefully.  This means that they are not treated with a sealant and that their colour will richen and deepen over time.  

In the photo above, the bronze on the left is newly made and polished - it's colour is lighter than the other two pieces.  It is also shinier than the other two.  

Polishing cloth on bronze handmade jewelry

To polish up bronze jewellery, the easiest way is to use a jeweller's cloth - a soft cloth that is impregnated with polishing compound.  

Polished handmade jewelry with seashells

After polishing, you can see that the two right side pieces are shinier, and that their colour has remained a deeper bronze.  

To keep your bronze jewelry shinier and lighter longer, when not wearing, store in a jewelry box or in a plastic bag that will keep the amount of air it is exposed to at a minimum.  

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