Bronze pendant and turquoise to match

September 29, 2019

Bronze pendant and turquoise to match

Large unique bronze pendant and turquoise

I am not really one to pay attention that my outdoor or athletic wear matches.  I buy it for fit and functionality, not what colour it is.  Sometimes I buy things on sale that work for me - I have an orange pullover like that.  I wear it outside, while biking usually, to keep me warm.  It's a bonus that you can see it for miles.  

So imagine my surprise when I noticed my jacket matched my pendant.

Turquoise matches bronze pendant

And then I looked down.

Turquoise matching jewelry

Yup, the shoes match the jacket.  Apparently turquoise is the "in" colour for these items this year.  I am now fashionably dressed when outside - how Audaciously Elegant of me!  

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