Bronze {bead} dreams

July 08, 2020

Grande bronze beads and treasures from the sea

Did you know that darkness is one of the components that enable you to get a good night's sleep? 

Beach combing seaglass bronze art beads

Sometimes, it can be hard to get that total darkness.  There are lights on all appliances these days.  Where I live, sundown isn't until after 9pm, which means it's light out after I got to bed during the work week.  If you live in the city, you could have street or other lights shining in your window.  

Bronze artisan made beads with sleep mask

I had heard about black out blinds and even rigged up some blankets to make my bedroom dark.  Then I found this mask!  It's silk and breathable and soft on my face. I am sleeping much better now - and that means I can dream up new creations just for you! 

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