Bronze {beach} beads?

July 13, 2020

Bronze {beach} beads?

It occurred to me this weekend that my notion of "going to the beach" may not be the same as yours...

Handcarved bronze art beads for necklace with seaglass and shell

While I have spent time on tropical, sandy beaches, I am not really a sit-on-the-beach-and-tan kind of person.  While I adore the soothing aspect of being on the beach, I am much more active on it.  I prefer to walk and beach comb and take in sound of the waves, the smell of salt.  I might swim, depending on the location and temperature of the sea.  I get bored if I am just sitting there.  

Artisan bronze bead necklace with sea glass treasure

If I am going to sit, then I prefer a porch on a cottage or a big ol' beach chair, maybe with arms wide enough that I can write on or comfy enough to curl up with a book.  

What's your favourite way to experience the beach?  

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