Books, beads and more little libraries

March 26, 2020

Books, beads and more little libraries

Shells and bronze beads with books

In this time of physical distancing, our public libraries are closed.  In between playing with my beads to make pretty things, I read A LOT. 

Little free library in Cordova Bay

I have a small space, so purchasing new books is not practical for me. I do go to our large annual book sale (proceeds go to literacy programs), but that is not happening this spring as it usually would. 

Trading books at little free library

That is why the little free libraries in my neighbourhood are so fantastic.  I visited this one the other day and traded three books.  

New children's book little free library

And look there is one specifically filled with children's books across the street!  These are a great way for me to not only get outside, but also indulge in reading.  Plus, it's like that box of chocolates; I never know what books I will come across.  

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