Beachcombing Inspires Jewellery

July 20, 2019

Beachcombing Inspires Jewellery

I love the beach.  Not in the lay-on-your-towel-and-bake way, but in the explore-and-see-what-treasures-you-find way.  Scouring the shores for interesting bits of glass and pieces of shell is relaxing and peaceful for me.  With the sound of waves in the background and the sun warming me up, it is a joy to be out there.  

Beachcombing finds of shells and jewelry desgins


Recently, I moved within walking distance (ok a bit of a hike) to this beach.  I love how I feel when I come down here.  One day, I will own a beach side cottage adorned with my own spin on coastal decor.    


Seashells,beachcombing, ocean waves and jewelry

On my last excursion, I found these clamshells - one full half and another with all the barnacles still clinging to it.  Strong and fragile all at the same time.  Interesting texture and lovely curves. 

These finds and the ocean itself inspire my designs. 

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