Another tequila {and bronze jewelry} sunrise

September 20, 2020

Bronze handmade earrings with cool grey hairstyle

At the beginning of the month, I was going to write about our journey into fall.  It's the time of year when jackets go on and the sunrise happens at the same time as I am leaving for my day job, creating lovely mornings.  

Sunrise in September over Cordova Bay

And then the fires in Washington and Oregon got worse, and the smoke shifted over us, even here on Vancouver Island.  At first, it created tequila sunrises, all reds and oranges and purples.

Smokey skies create amazing sunrise

Then the sun had to scramble to be seen through the haze, until the smoke engulfed us all, creating terrible, awful, no good air quality.  

Smoke crowding out sunrise

We endured for about two weeks, hunkering inside when normally September is a wonderful time to be outside here.  

Bronze artisan made ocean inspired earrings for autumn

Finally, this weekend, the winds pushed the smoke away from us and we can face the fall season.  

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