A touch of whimsical inspiration for this necklace

February 22, 2021

One of a kind art jewelry necklace inspired by loofah sponge

It's true!  My Loofah I necklace is indeed inspired by an actual loofah sponge!  As an artist, I never really know when inspiration will strike me.  Sometimes it's something I see, or have been thinking about for a long time, like the ocean or driftwood.  

Loofah necklace beside loofah sponge

Other times, it's something I see regularly, but for whatever reason, I suddenly see it in a new light and, boom, an idea sparks!  This is what happened with my loofah sponge, sitting on the shelf in my bathroom. I saw the end, with the chambers, and the spongey part with the holes and thought, hmm, that would be a fun design.  

Comparing loofah sponge with art jewelry Loofah necklace design

And Loofah I was born!  


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